Lawn Problems and Solutions

Tackling lawn problems is easy when you know how but no two lawns are the same, some lawns are covered in moss, some lawns are covered with weeds, lawns with brown patches, bare patches, unsightly course / weed grasses, yellowing grasses, moulds and fungus and animal scorch marks.

Some of these lawn problems may be caused by the weather conditions, the climate, the location or direction the lawn faces, the soil lacking essential nutrients, the type of soil (clay, loamy, sandy), drainage, overhanging shrubs, trees etc.

So if we can understand what is causing these problems we can help to minimise the effects by making small but invaluable changes.

These menus and pages are here to help you identify, understand and control most of the common problems faced with lawns today.


Lawn Therapy’s services are quick, affordable and highly effective. Call us today and you can also take advantage of our free Lawn Care Survey (or visit our contact us page). Lawn Therapy also offer additional lawn care services which your lawn may benefit from. These include seasonal lawn treatments, aeration, overseeding, top dressing, garden pest control, grass disease control, Lawn Re-Turfing and driveway weed control